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The Avali do not exist on a "planet of hats" that allows their entire race to be stereotyped by one quirk or habit. They consist of numerous factions and groups, all with their own goals, ideologies and cultural customs. Language dialects can vary tremendously between colonies, sometimes to the point of being a separate language entirely.

A selection of important Avali factions and societies are listed here to give some idea of the diversity of politics and life in Avali space.

Avali Illuminate[]

Though reclusive and isolationist, the Illuminate represents the single largest and most powerful Avali faction encompassing almost half of the species population and spanning numerous systems. It is the faction that most represents the Avali from an outside perspective, a position cemented by its control over the Avali homeworld, Avalon.


Like their independent kin, the Avali tribes pride themselves on having their own individual customs, life and architectural styles in so far is compatible with the needs of the central government. A trait readily maintained thanks to the relative seclusion of their colonies, and the societal need for integration of newcomers.

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A scientific meritocracy, the Avali government is highly centralized, but provides a high degree of freedom for tribal self governance, managing their own affairs locally provided they hit their milestones for civic needs and productivity. Top-level administration is ostensibly planned with the help of a powerful shackled AI, the so-called "Oracle" system, which helps deliver projections on potential growth and development pathways, strategic considerations, manages distribution of resources to the colonies and sets production targets based on the parameters given.


Iluminate Frigate

Sitting on the cusp of technological singularity, the Illuminate citizens are well known for their deep integration of cybernetic, virtual and augmented reality technologies, with major portions of their society and infrastructure existing as a virtual world - the Nexus - parallel to the physical one. Nonetheless the scope of their technology is not beyond the familiar, even if it is highly refined in it's application and efficacy. But they might not be the brightest...

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Scientific/ Space Discovery[]

Being a space-faring faction, the Illuminate constantly sends vessels into space for various reasons, one of which being for scientific discovery. these efforts are headed up by the AAC (Avali Adventure Corps), a segment of the faction created in peacetime for the specific pursuit of knowledge of the Universe through exploration and observation. AAC space vessels are outfitted with far more scientific measurement equipment than weaponry, and take on sleeker, more stealthy forms than normal frigates or fighters, as Avali wish not to disturb intelligent species at lower levels of societal generation by making themselves known. However, AAC members are known to make infrequent contact with other space faring species, and have documented such phenomena as encounters of the third kind, spacial disruptions, and countless planetary discoveries.

Independent Worlds[]

Beyond Illuminate controlled space lie the independent worlds: colonies that rejected Illuminate administration, or were formed by Avali outside of its jurisdiction. The independent worlds are not small; numerically there are as many Avali in the independent colonies as there are in the Illuminate itself, however they are split into many disparate factions and groups, ranging in size from independent tribes, unaffiliated with any political entity, to small multi-colony nations, not all of whom are on friendly terms with one another.


The independent worlds are culturally incredibly diverse compared to the Illuminate colonies. Frequently these colonies co-habitate with other species leading to adoption of alien values and customs.

One recurrent theme is that without the guidance of the Oracle, strict rule of law and the safety provided by the Illuminates strength, many Avali colonies find themselves adopting more aggressive defensive policies and frequently find conflict. A certain frontier spirit tends to prevail on many of these worlds.


As with culture, the level of technology used in these outlying colonies varies greatly. Without access to the Nexus and it's databases (which the Illuminate guards jealously) the outlying colonies tend to lack access to some of the Avali's most sophisticated technologies and have to rely on imported alien analogues or their own ingenuity.

Illuminate technology is highly prized, both by the independent world Avali themselves and other alien cultures as it is rarely traded willingly.

Known Worlds[]

Canon worlds[]

Avalon: an ice world located outside of the Goldilocks zone. Harboring a thick atmosphere and frozen tundra plains, Avalon has low levels of light and warmth, and is the home to the Avali.

Fan-created worlds[]

Hikura (hi-cue-ra)

A terrestrial planet with a solid metallic core. This planet has two main biomes, desert and plains. It has a 24% Nitrogen, 46% Oxygen, 17% Carbon-dioxide atmosphere, with the remaining 13% being composed primarily of Hydrogen.

Rogue Tribes[]

Not all tribes serve a higher purpose or faction. Some so-called 'rogue' tribes operate for their own benefit and goals.


The reasons and goals of rogue tribe vary immensely. Some are completely innocuous, hunters or nomads who feel that modern life has 'lost' some intangible element they want to reclaim by living a traditional lifestyle. Others are more materially driven; independent traders who have embraced a more capitalistic living, mercenaries offering their predatory expertise for a fee.

These rogue tribes also include dangerous pirates and marauders, not all Avali agree with the concept of co-existing with other species. These pirate tribes embrace their origins as apex predators, and view it as only natural that they should prey upon other species, materially, technologically, and in a few rumored cases... literally. Ask around long enough on the borders of Avali space, and you'll hear whispered tales exist of Avali slave traders and organ black-markets.


Given their small size, most rogue tribes lack the means to manufacture or directly develop new technologies of their own and instead rely upon reverse engineering hardware obtained from other species, and careful maintenance and repair of Illuminate technologies they brought with them when they broke away from their original host nation.