These are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the mod. To allow development to proceed smoothly, please consult this list to make sure any questions you may have have not already been answered.

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Installation and Technical Edit

I installed the mod, but I can't create an Avali character.Edit

  • In addition to the base mod, you will need to install a character creator extension mod. The recommended one is Kawa's extender .
    • If you installed the above character creator extension mod but can only see half the window try deleteing your image.cache file within your Starbound folder.

Where are Avali Settlements located?Edit

  • They can be found on any world that can have a dungeon. Remember that some universe mods like Variety is the Spice of the Universe add worlds that have no dungeons! Keep searching you'll find them!

My character tries to step onto Avali tables as if they were stairs.Edit

  • This issue appears in places where Avali tables from version 0.7.5 were converted to the new tables in version 0.8.0. It is due to how Starbound generates collision boxes, and not an issue with the mod itself. Erasing your image.cache may solve the issue[1].


The ship doesn't have as much space as normal racial vessels because of the slant at the prow.Edit

  • The slanted roof is a visual trick, the useable space is exactly the same as the vanilla ships. Use right click to place blocks in the background if you do not like it.

How do I craft the Avali racial anything?Edit

  • Weapons and armour are created in the same way as other racial gear, in an Anvil or Metalwork Station.
  • Avali characters start with 3D Printer recipes to create three unique crafting stations:
    • The Nanoloom, used to craft "soft" materials such as Avali tent pieces, and decorative, race-specific clothing.
    • The Nanolathe, used to craft decorations, "hard" materials such as platforms and panels, and decorative, race-specific armour.
    • And the Weapon Bench, used to improve Avali weapons using Data Chits.

Where are the Data Chits?Edit

  • Data Chits are found randomly in chests in Avali settlements and micro-encounters. Explore!

How do I get the guns?Edit

  • Avali racial guns must be purchased from an Avali gun merchant, found in Avali settlements.
  • In the updated Triage mod, racial guns are crafted at the Weapon Bench.

Why are Avali not immune to cold/take damage from heat?Edit

  • This race is designed for parity (see below), so that it plays in the same as any of the vanilla races.


I want more frequent updates!Edit

  • Alas, this would create problems for server administrators since they would have to update (and make their players update) much more frequently. Therefore, it was decided that larger, less frequent updates were the best choice.

Why is there no respawn animation?Edit

  • The respawn animation is the single most involved file besides the intro cinematics, and has more frames of animation than the male and female character sprites put together. Therefore, it's currently lower on the list of priorities

Where are the guns/tech for tiers 5 and up?Edit

  • Since the game is only balanced up to tier 4, and the devs intend to overhaul the tier system completely, higher tiers are a very low priority. Rest assured that higher-end equipment will come eventually.
  • (Also see Catalina Industries Inc for more vanity gear.)

Where are all the mechs?Edit

  • Though planned, mechs and vehicles will not be added until more of the base mod is completed.


What does it mean that a feature would violate 'parity'?Edit

  • Parity means "the quality or state of being equal or equivalent"[2]. In other words, any features that would give Avali characters a significant advantage over (or disadvantage in comparison to) non-Avali characters in multiplayer would be in violation of parity.

Tell me what software and hardware you are using to make your art! I must know!Edit

  • A cheap, old graphics tablet (La Pazz...nothing fancy or expensive) and PaintTool SAI (Which I use for everything pretty much, both sprites and concept stuff).[3]

Known Bugs and IssuesEdit

Please be sure that you're using the latest mod version (check here ) when submitting a report. When a bug is acknowledged and/or fixed in development, please do not remove it from this list, rather add the appropriate description. Bugs fixed when a new version is released can be removed from the list.

Dyes dissapear during certain animations on the trenchcoats.

  • Fixed for next update.

I can join the fake-terminal-storage with the real ones if they're facing one way, but not the other.

  • Fixed for next update.

Game crashes when talking to a merchant NPC.Edit

  • Not a bug in this mod, but the result of a conflicting dirty mod. Make sure to check the compatibility list in the mod's overview page .

Some guns in this mod can hurt allies with PvP turned off.Edit

  • This is due to an oversight in the coding of the core game; similar vanilla guns also hit allies[4].


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