The backstory lore is undergoing some fairly significant revisions at present, and the specifics will be better brought out in the game itself. So for now the official history is being reduced to a skeletal overview.

Abridged VersionEdit

The Avali are descended from roaming ambush predators on their homeworld Avalon. Working in packs and planning hunts led to improved cognitive abilities, ultimately leading to the development of society and tool use, eventually becoming nomadic hunters, a state they existed in for a very long time due to the planet's lack of easily accessible surface minerals and extremely low temperatures.

A few thousands years prior to the current timeline an unknown alien race settled upon their world, later remembered as wrathful gods by the tribal Avali. Decimated in a now long forgotten conflict their ruins still scatter Avalon today, the technology they left behind provided an important ladder out of technological rut the race found itself in, though also provided the tools with which they nearly destroyed themselves. This new technology widened the scientific and electronic knowledge of the race and allowed them to engineer and program things like advanced AI and computers.

In more recent history a global war was fought over the alien artifacts, that culminated in destruction on a global scale, nonetheless the incident precipitated a unification of the surviving tribes, and the formation of a new unified planetary government.


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