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Screencap from 'Whom Gods Destroy'

The Avali were original conceptualised in the run up to the release of Spore, and featured as a race in both Spore and Spore: Galactic Adventures, where they attained some notoriety. Since then however they've also been recreated in Starbound, and maybe yet find themselves into more settings to come.

Starbound Development RoadmapEdit

  • Phase 1: Basic implementation - Character sprites, basic armor, weapons and ship
  • Phase 2: Colonisation - Structures, settlements and NPCs
  • Phase 3: Advanced content - More armor, weapons, tech and polish
  • Phase 4: Campaign mode - Avali story arc.
Phase 1 & Phase 2 is more-or-less finished. Phase Three is likely just getting started.

Latest UpdateEdit

Beta V:.0.9.1 Now with less bugs than Chucklefish 3/18/2014

  • Fixed inventory icons for terminal 3, data, grass, ribbons
  • Added lights, terminals to known recipes
  • Added missing light recipes

Author's Notes: Just tidying up a few minor bugs that slipped through.

Unofficial Avali Update (Updates every Friday) Edit

This is a community update to the mod, and adds in unofficial items such as a shotgun, vertical doors, additional ship tiers, and more.

Other ContentEdit

The mods and projects all feature the Avali in an official or unofficial capacity. If you're working on something, drop us a line on the forum .


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Reni's Armoury
Catalina Industries Incorporated
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Spore: Galactic Adventures

Whom Gods Destroy

Unoffical Update:

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