Latest UpdateEdit

Beta V:0.6.1-Much Muchness 1/31/2014

  • Tweaked running animation arm sprites to be less lazy.
  • Attempted to make large entrances more responsive to platform collision
  • Fixed placeholder respawn animation

Author's Notes: I've also begun the groundwork for the avali NPC settlements, but currently waiting on some improvements to how Starstructor functions first. Unlikely to be any significant contents updates this week, due to EQN: Landmark alpha testing. Though I do have non-game plans going down behind the scenes that more hardcore fans will appreciate.

Previous Update

Beta V:0.6-Now with NaN% more yurt 1/28/2014Edit

  • Build your own traditional avali tents!
    • New specialized crafting station (Obtainable from the 3D printer)
    • Complex, self contained recipes for the tent components
  • Placeholder respawn animation (No longer uses apex respawn) nope.jpg
  • Fixed avali spawner

Author's Notes: To clear up something, this is not the settlement update, you won't find any "wild" avali running about, that will be my next project. But you can now craft tent components from a special device...

Development Status: Implemented ContentEdit

At the moment all Core content required for a "decent" play experience have been implemented. The following is a rudimentary list of implemented content:

  1. All sprite models and animations have been implemented and "mostly' polished.
  2. Themed Ship
  3. Weapon/armor sets up to tier 3 (Please note that the armor can be used in the visual slot when moving to the next tier (Hytol set))
  4. General NPC's
  5. Race themed clothing
  6. Race themed building material w/props and items
  7. Codex content matching the rest of the game in completion
  8. A "place holder" Respawn animation.
  9. Custom racial sounds

Development Status: Non-implemented ContentEdit

  1. Full Respawn animation
  2. Tier 4-10 racial weapon and armor (Tier 4 expected next update)
  3. Implementation of villages
  4. Implementation of guard NPC's
  5. Implementation of Specialty NPC's (Merchants, ect...)
  6. Implementation of more building materials/props
  7. (possible) Implementation of a Overheating mechanic (See:Avali Biology for more information)


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