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The following section pertains to Avali lore in the context of Starbound and may not completely reflect the equivalent lore in other universe settings.

Foreign Relations[]


The Avali are a fairly peaceful race, content not to concern themselves with the affairs of others so long as such affairs are of no importance to themselves. That said, the Avali are still shrewd and calculating predators and possess very strong military and defense forces which they keep at high operational capacity. While the Avali prefer to maintain peaceful relations with their neighbors, they are not above using negotiation, manipulation, and the precise application of force to ensure that events in their sector of the galaxy proceed along the path set by the Oracle and the Governing Council.

The Avali have a low-intensity racial grudge against Humans, who closely match the surviving descriptions of the Avali’s ancient “benefactors.” While this dislike has not spilled out into conflict, there is little love lost between the two races. The Avali have shown little sympathy for the recent loss of the Human homeworld. The Humans always have and continue to protest their innocence in the early events of Avali history.

The Avali enjoy good relations with the Grounded Avians, due to the many similarities between the two races. However, those Avians who still hold to the codes of Kluex view the Avali with hostility, since few (if any) Avali follow the religion of Kluex, yet their entire race possesses functional wings. This flies in the face of the religious teachings held by traditionalist Avians who believe that only those faithful to Kluex may earn the right to fly (and even then only in the afterlife). The Avali are seen within this framework as either less than sentient or abominations against the will of Kluex and the proper order of the universe.

The Avali have no other particularly intriguing relations with the remaining major races. As the Avali are relatively few in number compared to many of the other major races, they have yet to establish permanent grounds for alliances or treaties with many other races.

[This section is likely incomplete, and may be expanded as more information becomes available.]

Political Strategy[]

The Avali are expansionist but only moderately so, seeking to expand their sphere of influence and the amount of resources available to them slowly and carefully. A careful understanding of the implications of game theory has long convinced the Avali against a reckless policy of militaristic domination and conquest, and so they instead press their advantages slowly and carefully, creating alliances and brokering deals rather than bullying and using military might to get their way.

The Avali do not hesitate to use military force to defend themselves or neutralize threats, but are careful always to use the minimal amount of action necessary to resolve a situation, their philosophy being that if one negotiates with the barrel of a gun, it is only a matter of time before one meets someone with a larger gun.

Exploration, field research, and planetary surveys is managed by the Oracle through the Research Council, and is conducted by the Avali exploratory fleet (designated the AEF in human naval parlance).

Economic Strategy[]

While the Avali are not a capitalistic society themselves, they do not hesitate to use capitalism as a tool for negotiations with other races. The Governing Council keeps reserves of alien currencies on hand to help arrange deals with the other races, to provide aid, and to negotiate the exchange of resources and Avali-made products for more exotic materials not easily obtained within the Avali sphere of influence.

Trade and shipping in general, whether within the Avali colonies or toward outside races, is handled by their extensive commissioned merchant fleet (designated the AMF in human naval tradition). Occasionally one may encounter a pack of freelance traders who have rejected the system accepted by most of Avali culture and have set off to make a fortune for themselves rather than rely on the guidance and provision of the Oracle and Governing Council.

Military Strategy[]

Avali combined arms. (Note: Not an accurate depiction of Avali battle strategy. Avalis never engage in trench warfare.)

The Avali military is built to be extremely mobile and fast-acting. Rather than relying heavily on defensive lines and heavy armor, Avali nomadic tradition and predatory heritage is reflected in their strategies of guerilla combat. Even when outnumbering the enemy, the Avali prefer to fight carefully, steadily whittling down hostile forces physically and psychologically through unpredictable, stealthy, and rapid hit-and-run tactics. Trench warfare is almost entirely anathema to the Avali. The Avali fight with a significantly less formal command chain than most Earth militaries, expecting the most experienced pack in an area to take charge and show initiative as the situation requires.

To complement their high-mobility tactics, Avali equipment, vehicles, and  spacecraft are built to have extensive sensor suites to detect the enemy long before coming into range, ensuring that the Avali always have control of the battlefield through superior knowledge of enemy positions. On the land, spotters and drones work with heavier units to call in heavy fire. In orbit, long-range surveillance and countermeasures vessels coordinate fire upon enemy capital ships.

An additional focus on mobility rather than armor gives Avali forces the capability to quickly strike at the weakest points of an enemy force, no matter the distance.

When possible, the Avali make use of stealth and misdirection tactics; adaptive camouflages, radar countermeasures, network warfare or “netwar”, and decoys.

All of these tactics come at a cost, however. The installation of lighter-caliber weapons are one sacrifice made in favor of high mobility warfare. Another is thinner, lighter armor plating. Hypothetically, an enemy that invested heavily in a handful of dreadnought-style units instead of fielding a large fleet could armor them to the degree that Avali weapons were practically useless against their increased mass and redundant systems.

As a matter of practicality, the Avali military is divided into the true military fleet under command of the Governing Council and the colonial militias that handle the bulk of planetary defence.


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